Sunday 02 January

  • Cabaret Series

It is our pleasure to present to you the Four Guyz in Dinner JacketsĀ®, that show-stopping group of fun and wonderful guys who revive the musical memories of the doo-wop and early rock-and-roll era in American music. This "must see" production has played regularly to standing ovations with cries of "More! More!"

Monday 10 January

  • Film Series

A tribe of unruly city cats approach their yearly ceremony of electing one of their ranks to venture to the Heaviside Layer and reincarnate as a new life in the Jellicle tribe.

Saturday 22 January

  • Academy

Join us for a fun-filled and family-friendly afternoon of improvisational comedy. Featuring some of our talented Academy students, this is your chance to see what the next generation of improv comedy looks like. And who knows? You might even get a chance to join in the fun on stage!


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