Waukesha State Bank Gallery

The Waukesha State Bank Gallery at Waukesha Civic Theatre features artists from around Wisconsin to showcase their work. WCT is committed to showcasing local talent and enhancing our community of artists.

'Telling Stories'

Some our our artists biographies

Anne Raskopf 

Growing up in rural Wisconsin taught me to embrace the land. With trees, fields and prairies as my playground, early on I saw its beauty. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I was influenced by the spontaneity of renowned ceramic Professor Donald Reitz and the academic drawing precision of Professor Richard Lee Long. The opportunity to live and work across the country has been beneficial for me as an artist.  I moved to New York City after graduation to pursue a Graphic Design career, where I worked in the graphic design industry.  After many years in the graphics field, I returned to painting. I focus on modern landscapes, painting the landscape I hike through or trail ride on.  Collectors of my work enjoy pastoral settings, steeped in personal significance and colorful expression.

I enjoy painting residential and commercial murals, having adorned homes and establishments throughout the Wisconsin.


Terri Field

When I was five, I wrote in my kindergarten diary that I would be an artist when I grew up. Drawing and dance have been my passions ever since. My family has added music and theater to that list of loves. I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to continue creating.

My favorite art toys are color, shape, contrast and light. I like to play with contrasts and connections. I feel the connection between nature and spirituality, between trees and human beings, between objects and human beings. I like the contrast between music, vibrant life, and two-dimensionality. I love to see color and shape as windows into experience. All of my work is intuitive and inspired by my own life experiences.

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