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The Waukesha State Bank Gallery at Waukesha Civic Theatre features artists from around Wisconsin to showcase their work. WCT is committed to showcasing local talent and enhancing our community of artists.

JoAnn O'Hare

Artist Statement

Abstract imagery tugs at my personal expression asking to emerge as bold statements. Shadows work to an advantage, masking the unknown and allowing organic shapes and patterns to appear in unlikely places. Organic form often hidden in pockets of decay is rich in texture and contrast. The everyday commonplace becomes a mystery open for exploration. An inquisitive photographer at heart, I believe imagery does reveal a story as each photograph is created with sublime intent and substance.

Work Available for Purchase

“Cone Flower”

Photograph on metal 20″ x 30″



“Poppies Papaver Orientale”¬†

3 artist proofs from the Great TV Auction 2014 Poster Collection

Signed and unframed

$85 each


JoAnn O’Hare has graciously offered to present WCT with a 35% commission in support of Waukesha Civic Theatre’s 64th Season! When you support the artist, you are also supporting the theatre.

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JoAnn O’Hare¬†
Fine Art Photography


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