Waukesha State Bank Gallery

The Waukesha State Bank Gallery at Waukesha Civic Theatre features artists from around Wisconsin to showcase their work. WCT is committed to showcasing local talent and enhancing our community of artists.

Artist Biography

Troy Tatlock

Drew in the crib, drew on my desk, drew on the basement walls…on church bulletins…in study-hall.

In fourth grade, to get me to stop drawing on my desk, Mrs. Wilson kept me after school and taught me how to paint…..

So I painted on my desk, in study-hall, painted on the basement walls….to get me out of the basement somebody gave me a french field easel…. painted on the porch…in alleys…in bars…next to dams… on dams…in dams…on the big giant slides at State Fair….

I never forgot Mrs. Wilson….

The world needs more Mrs. Wilsons…

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