Waukesha State Bank Gallery

The Waukesha State Bank Gallery at Waukesha Civic Theatre features artists from around Wisconsin to showcase their work. WCT is committed to showcasing local talent and enhancing our community of artists. The gallery is currently closed due to construction. We will keep you updated as to when we will reopen and the line-up of featured artists in the 66th Season.

Bob Fesser

Artist Statement: Bob Fesser

The goal of my artwork is simply to create a wow. I work exclusively in encaustic painting and the techniques associated with a hot wax process. I
am intrigued by liquid wax and enjoy seeing what can happen when the materials are heated and fused, creating a wide variety of effects and depths in the layers beneath. Techniques I incorporate into my artwork include: shellac burns, photo transfers, powdered pigments, use of India inks and 3D construction.
My abstract pieces explore the possibilities of texture and depth that can be created with encaustics. In stark contrast, my realistic pieces explore the detail and near photo realism you can achieve in encaustic painting.

Ultimately for me, it comes down to the process. What can be created with resin, pigment, and beeswax is limitless and is taking me on an amazing journey in search of wow!

About the Artist

Bob Fesser is an encaustic artist who lives and works in Waukesha County, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Bob is a relative new comer to art and encaustics. His paintings and encaustic photo transfers have quickly gained recognition and acceptance.

Bob graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1982 with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor in Art. It wasn’t until 2016, however; that Bob’s inner artist was awakened. He was asked to create a piece of art for a local fundraiser. The Bird Cage light box he created was a huge success at the event and a follow up piece, inspired by the musician Prince, also garnered notoriety. While his initial light boxes were a good blend of creativity and technology, Bob wanted to explore other mediums. In 2017, encouraged by his wife, a successful artist as well, Bob was told about encaustics and the process of encaustic painting. Bob was hooked as soon as he heard ‘fire.’


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Feeling a passion in him had been ignited, Bob began taking classes in both 2D and 3D encaustics, but he is largely self-taught. Bob continues to experiment with new techniques and explore the possibilities of encaustic art. He began doing commissioned pieces in June 2018. Bob’s work is currently exhibited at River’s End Gallery and on his Facebook page, The Ways of Wax: Encaustic Art by Bob Fesser and Etsy at TheWaysofWax.

Bob volunteers within the arts community of Waukesha, Wisconsin and is a member of the Waukesha West End Artists.

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