January 23 - March 1

It Takes Two

Stop singing the winter blues and start singing some show tunes at WCT! Our winter classes are warming up to the musical side of the stage. It Takes Two will have you performing some of Broadway's best duets!

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Winter Classes

Winter Classes*

It Takes Two!  Learn to perform some of Broadway’s best duets!

January 23-March 1, 2023


4:00-5:00   Ages 6-8

A great way to experience the fun of musical theatre for the first time.  By building their singing and storytelling skills, students will learn how to bring a song to life on stage.  A fun  first step into musical theatre!

5:15-6:15   Adult

Maybe it’s been a few years since you’ve been on stage.  Or maybe you just want an excuse to sing and dance!  This is your chance to shake off the rust and give it a try.  In a fun and supportive environment, you will learn the skills needed to not only sing the music but to tell the story of the song.  And you’ll also get to meet some fun new people!


4:00-5:00   Ages 9-12

Students will not only build their singing skills, but they’ll learn how to ‘act’ a song as well.  Through basic movement and voice focus, students will learn how to incorporate story and character into a musical performance.

5:15-6:15   Ages 13-18

Music is filled with complicated layers of character and plot.  It’s more than just singing.  Learn how to not only understand the relationships and storytelling of music, but how to bring those things out in your performance.   A great opportunity to build your musical storytelling skills.

There will be a final, informal showcase performance for each class on the sixth and final day of class



Waukesha Civic Theatre will provide a full summer theatre program – information and registration March 15!

Waukesha Civic Theatre Academy offers year-round arts education programs for ages 6+ in improvisation, comedy, character development, dance, and acting.

Search for the class or camp you with to take and register online!

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Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, with a $5 minimum on credit cards, and cash and checks are accepted at the Box Office.

Financial Aid

WCT Academy Scholarship Program
In honor of John Cramer
John Cramer was the Managing Artistic Director of WCT from June 2003 to February 2019.  During that time, he worked tirelessly to build a thriving education program.  In 2008, he created the full time position of Education and Outreach Administrator.  One of the goals of this newly expanding education program was to provide affordable and accessible opportunities to the entire community.  To that end, he helped develop a financial assistance program which, by the time John left in 2019, was providing $10,000 in scholarships and free or reduced tuition programming.
On June 10, 2021, this program was rededicated as the WCT Academy Scholarship Program in honor of John Cramer. Waukesha Civic Theatre maintains a strong commitment to making our Academy and Academy Productions programs accessible to all students – regardless of financial circumstances. Need-based financial aid is available to any student. Download our Financial Assistance Registration Form HERE