Open auditions for the Waukesha Civic Theatre’s production of Bad Seed will be held:

Monday, July 29, 2019, starting at 7:00 pm

Tuesday, July 30, 2019, starting at 7:00 pm

Callbacks, if needed, will be on July 31, 2019, starting at 7:00 pm

No appointment is necessary. Auditions will be held at the Waukesha Civic Theatre Building at 264 West Main Street, Waukesha. Please enter through the glass doors on Riverfront Street. If you will not arrive at auditions until 8:30 or later, please contact the theatre so the director can be informed.

Those auditioning should be prepared to read from the script. Please come prepared to fill out the audition form, including all conflicts from the audition date through the closing performance. The audition form is also available for download as a fillable PDF at the button below.

The Waukesha Civic Theatre is committed to inclusive casting. Actors of all backgrounds and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.


Young Rhoda is mature beyond her years and adored by the adults in her life. But her penchant for lying and lack of affection have her mother uneasy. When one of her classmates drowns during a field trip, her mother’s worst fears are confirmed. Set in a small Southern town, this thriller will have you on the edge of your seat!

All roles are open.

There are 4 roles for women age 20-60.

There are 7 roles for men age 20-60.

There is 1 role for girls age 8-13.


Directed by Kelly Goeller, Bad Seed will run October 25-November 10, 2019, at WCT.



RHODA PENMARK: (8-13: must look young) 8 yr old Rhoda is sweet, charming & polite on the surface, loved by her parents, admired by all her elders. But there is something evil going on deep within Rhoda’s mind, she plays everyone like a game of chess, and always gets what she wants… no matter the cost.


COL. KENNETH PENMARK: (30-40) A good looking Officer, in love with his wife and completely smitten with his little girl Rhoda. He is blind to the events that occur while he is away for work.


CHRISTINE PENMARK: (30-40) Pretty, gentle, gracious woman, dedicated to being a good wife and wonderful mother. Her life is given meaning by the affection she gives and receives. She learns that her world famous father is her adoptive father, and that family secrets may have given birth to an evil she cannot accept.


MONICA BREEDLOVE: (45-60) Widow, intelligent, voluble, and perhaps overly friendly. She is smitten with the Penmarks, and a gossipy know-it-all. She is fascinated with Rhoda, showering the child with gifts and being all too excited over Rhoda’s small graces. She is an ear for Christine to cry to and arm to hold on to as events take place.


EMERY WAGES: (35-45) Monica Breedlove’s younger brother, plump and friendly, though much quieter than Monica and reserved in many cases.


LEROY: (30-60) The Groundskeeper/Janitor of the Apartment building the Penmarks and Breedloves live in. He feels he is not in his rightful place in life, being so high-minded and more intelligent than the rest of these “rich folks” and their wonderful lives of leisure and luxury. He becomes Rhoda’s foil in the show, but at the same time, has a strange fascination/admiration for her.


MISS FERN: (30-50) Rhoda’s teacher. She is the one who first makes Christine aware that something may be off with little Rhoda, and the one who ultimately asks that Rhoda not come back to the school after the end of the year.


REGINALD TASKER: (40-50) A friend of the Breedloves who writes detective stories and has made himself a minor expert in the history of crime and enjoys going into gruesome details when he can.


MRS. DAIGLE: (30-40) The distraught mother of the deceased Claude Daigle, who was drowned at the school picnic. She spends most of the show intoxicated, and accusing the Penmarks, specifically Rhoda; of her little boy’s death. She is both envious and angry with Christine, yet somehow looking for comfort from her as well.


DAIGLE: (30-45) Husband of Mrs. Daigle, also distraught over the loss of his son, but far less interested in his wife’s method for getting answers. Rather embarrassed by her actions.


MESSENGER: (20-30) Messenger carrying the good news and bad out of the Penmark home.


RICHARD BRAVO: (50-60) Christine’s father, later we find he is in fact her adoptive father, and the manner in which he adopted her is rather a secret in and of itself. Handsome once, somewhat stern and weary now.