Backstage Tour

If you've ever watched a live show and wondered "How do they do that?", this is the podcast for you! Each episode, we interview one of Waukesha Civic Theatre's artists, designers, directors, and more to talk with them about one aspect of their creative process. Available on all major podcatchers!

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Backstage Tour Episodes

Episode 1: Dustin Martin, Direction

Episode 2: Dana Brzezinski, Wardrobe and Costume Design

Episode 3: Pam Secccombe, Stage Management

Episode 4: Christal Wagner, Choreography

Episode 5: Sarah Rolli, Sound Design

Episode 6: Sharon Sohner, Costume Design

Episode 7: Douglas Jarecki, Playwriting

Episode 8: Aaron Schmidt, Lighting Design

Episode 9: Rhonda Schmidt, Directing an Ensemble