All auditions currently on hold. Check back for more information.


General Audition Information

Please enter through the back doors on Riverfront Street. If you will arrive more than half an hour after the beginning of auditions, please contact the theatre so that the director can be informed. The exception to this is when there is a sign up for specific time slots and you have completed the sign up process. 


WCT Casting Policy and Procedure

Everyone is welcome to audition for any WCT production. Roles are not pre-cast. Only three times in more than 60 years did WCT pre-cast a role. Once it was a special occurrence as part of the 50th year celebration, and twice it was a special occurrence as part of the 60th year celebration; all three occurrences had the full support of the Board of Directors. Actors of all backgrounds and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Auditions are open calls for two to four nights and/or afternoons, with one night of callbacks if the director of the production feels it is necessary to hold them. Some shows have specific audition times available for actors to sign up, while others are simply an open call. Please plan to attend auditions at the beginning of the call unless you have signed up for a specific time slot. If you are not able to attend until later in the evening, please contact us to let us know what time you will be arriving so the production staff and audition volunteers know you will be arriving late. The end time of the audition is only a guideline. If the auditions are completed earlier, the production staff and audition volunteers may not stay until the posted end time.

The age ranges are the character age ranges, not the actor age ranges. There are actors who are 18 years old that can believably play 30 year olds, and 30 year old actors who can believably play 18 year olds. Please audition and let the director decide if you are or are not right for the role based on the director’s concept and the chemistry between the actors that are auditioning.

Every person that auditions will be notified of the casting choices. The method and time frame of notification varies depending on the preferences of the director and the number of people that audition. The method can be one, or a combination of more than one, of the following communication methods: phone, e-mail, web site, mail, or posting at the theatre. The process can take several days of decision making, individual contact, waiting for response, more individual contact, etc. It can take up to seven days after the final audition to complete all of the notices, so we ask all auditioners to be patient with the process. We also ask that you wait until the director notifies the cast that it is okay to tell people that you were cast, or for at least four days after you are contacted before letting people know that you were not cast. You may be one of the first to be contacted and it can often cause problems when the people who are the last to be contacted hear about casting decisions before they have been informed directly by the theatre staff. You are always free to call the theatre to check on the status of the casting or for feedback on your audition.

WCT’s auditions are NEVER cancelled due to weather. If you are unable to attend an audition due to weather conditions, please contact us. At the director’s discretion, additional auditions or special auditions may be scheduled. 


WCT Rehearsal Policy and Procedure

WCT rehearsals are determined by the director of the production based on the director’s preferences and schedule, and cast and crew preferences and conflicts. A very basic guideline is a six to eight week rehearsal period, with three to six rehearsals per week, and each rehearsal lasting two to four hours. Some directors will choose a longer rehearsal period, and some will choose a shorter rehearsal period, so it could be as long as twelve weeks and as short as four weeks. Rehearsals may be held any of the seven evenings of the week, Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday afternoons. Tech weekend is usually the weekend before opening and may be all day Saturday and/or all day Sunday. Cast conflicts play a major part in both casting decisions and scheduling of the rehearsals, so we ask that you come to auditions knowing all of your conflicts for every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, and complete the conflict section of the audition form as completely and as honestly as you can.