Open auditions for the Waukesha Civic Theatre’s production of The Giver will be held:

Monday, January 28, 2019, starting at 7:00 pm

Tuesday, January 29, 2019, starting at 7:00 pm

Callbacks, if needed, will be on January 30, 2019, starting at 7:00 pm


Auditions will be held at the Waukesha Civic Theatre Building at 264 West Main Street, Waukesha. Those auditioning should be prepared to read from the script. Please sign up for a specific audition time here. Adult performers are encouraged to sign up for later time slots if their schedules allow. Walk in auditions will be allowed, but will be seen after scheduled auditions are completed. If you will not arrive at auditions until 8:30 or later, and are not signing up for an audition spot online, please contact the theatre so the director can be informed. Some actors may be asked to stay past their scheduled time. Actors of all backgrounds and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

                                                                                                                                           SIGN UP

Jonas lives in a utopia with no pain, no fear – and no choice. Jonas is assigned to be the Receiver

of his community’s memories and learns that life does not have to be so black and white.

Based on the Newberry Award winning novel by Lois Lowry.


All roles are open.

There are 2 roles for boys age 7-19. There are 3 roles for girls age 7-19.

There are 1+ roles for women age 20-60. There is 1 role for men age 20-60.

There are 1+ roles for men 60+.


The Giver will run May 3 to 19, 2019, at WCT. Katie Lynne Krueger is directing.



Character Descriptions

FATHER: Jonas' good-natured father


MOTHER: Jonas' good-natured mother


LILY: Jonas' 7-year-old sister (May double as ROSEMARY)


JONAS: an 11-year-old about to grow older


ASHER: Jonas' best friend, also 11 years old


FIONA: another friend of Jonas, also 11 (May double as ROSEMARY)


LARISSA: an old woman in need of care


CHIEF ELDER: the master of the ceremony


THE GIVER: an old man about to change


ROSEMARY: a young girl from the past


VARIOUS VOICES: members of the community