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Work Days

Next Costume Work Day: September 29, 2018

Next Work Weekend: January 12-13, 2019


Twice a year, typically in July & January, we get a group of volunteers together to help us clean up, do projects, and organize. This is an excellent opportunity for groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Honor Societies, etc.), families, or individuals over the age of 12 to get involved!

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Production Committees

Costumes: Sharon Sohner

  • Help find and/or make costumes for a production
  • Help with inventory, maintenance and storage of theatre owned costumes

Props: Cindy Velcheck

  • Help find and/or make props for a production
  • Help with inventory, maintenance and storage of theatre owned properties

Set Construction: John Cramer

  • Help build sets for a production
  • Help with inventory, maintenance and storage of theatre owned supplies and equipment

Lighting and Audio: Aaron Schmidt

  • Help run lighting and/or audio for a production
  • Provide assistance to lighting designers
  • Help keep control booth and equipment clean and organized

Strike: John Cramer

  • Help take the set down and put away set, props, and costumes at the end of a show’s run, immediately after the final performance.



Non-Production Committees


Finance: Rich Johnson

  • Manage the financial affairs of the theatre by safeguarding its assets, overseeing the judicious discharge of its funds and ensure prudent investments.

Fund Development: Eric Larson

  • Oversee all major gift campaigns, direct personal asks, capital campaigns, patron recognition or related functions.
  • Oversee all fund raising event activities for operations including but not limited to the annual gala, annual patron letters and the phonathon

Governance: Jim Mallmann

  • Recruit and recommend candidates for vacant Board positions, to design a corporate and Board structure that meets its organizational needs, to define policies and procedures for the internal working of the Board, and periodically review and enforce these by-laws and all policies concerning the governance of the Waukesha Civic Theatre

Marketing: Kitty Messplay

  • Help Marketing Director with marketing projects
  • Some examples are Scenario, press releases, flyers, posters, general advertisement for the theatre

Play Advisory: Sue Rapp and Sharon Sohner

  • A willingness to submit fun, provocative, interesting, lively plays/musicals that would be great on our WCT stage.

Ushers: Phillip Alonge

  • Usher for a performance

Maintenance: John Cramer

  • Perform basic maintenance duties such as, vacuum lobby, clean bathrooms, shovel snow, empty trash, dust, etc

Clerical: Meghan Hopper

  • Provide assistance to the Office Manager with clerical tasks



Volunteer Application


Board Of Directors

Our Board Of Directors provides guidance and leadership to the organization, in keeping with our Mission, Vision, and Values. If you are interested in becoming a Board Director, please contact John Cramer (



Administrative Positions Available

Production Positions Available

  • Directors 
  • Stage Managers 
  • Master Carpenters 
  • Scenic Designers
  • Set Decorator
  • Costume Designers 
  • Lighting Designers 
  • Sound Designers 
  • Properties Coordinators 
  • Music Directors 
  • Choreographers 
  • Light Board Programmer

Volunteer Positions Available:

  • Volunteer Light Board And/Or Sound Board Operator 
  • Volunteer Construction and Run Crews 
  • Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Volunteer Facility Maintenance
  • Licensed Bartenders

Job Application



Interested persons should contact John Cramer, Managing Artistic Director, via mail, fax, e-mail, or in person. Please include a letter of application indicating the position and shows you are interested in being considered for.


Mail should be sent to:
264 West Main Street, Waukesha WI 53186
Fax: 262.547.8454.