Carl Thomas Memorial Volunteer Wall Of Fame


The Waukesha Civic Theatre, in conjunction with its 62 years of service to the community, recognizes the volunteers who have made the organization what it is. This award is named for Carl Thomas, a long-time volunteer who served on stage, backstage, on the board, and anywhere else he was needed. He truly exemplified the "spirit of community theatre."


This award is given peer to peer for all production awards, in which each show's cast, crew, and staff nominate the person involved in that show who they feel has best represented the spirit of community theatre with the highest levels of enthusiasm, energy, and involvement. The administrative award is chosen by the staff and/or the board of directors and goes to someone who has given of their time and talent outside of the productions we produce.


Current criteria (as of September 2008) for eligibility includes:

  1. Only individuals may be nominated (not groups or ensembles)
  2. Only volunteers may be nominated (no paid staff)
  3. Prior winners of the award may be nominated only after a predetermined number of seasons have passed since their previous award.


Michael Chobanoff

Production: The Giver
The Giver
62nd Season


Michael is not only an incredibly gifted actor but just an overall great guy who is always willing to offer a helping hand. Michael shows incredible maturity during his performances, and his dedication to the role is admirable. He has been a kind and caring cast member on and off the stage. His professional attitude creates a calm environment and he is nothing but kind and respectful. The cast and production team feel both privileged and grateful to have worked with him.



Recent Volunteer Award Winners:

Nichole Piotrowski | Production: Thoroughly Modern Millie | 62nd Season

Nichole inspired her fellow cast members with her enthusiastic dedication to this production. Her donation of time and creativity in the creation of the dancers’ headpieces was greatly admired by her cast mates. Nichole was always willing and eager to go above and beyond, both on and backstage, from volunteering to help with numerous set changes to performing through an injury. Her passion for theatre was a joy to share through Thoroughly Modern Millie.


Sue Rapp | Lifetime Achievement Award | 62nd Season

Sue has been a board director (serving as president twice), volunteer actor, administrative volunteer, webmaster, co-chair of the Play Advisory Committee, donor, and patron. She has been part of the WCT family since 1978. Thanks for all you do, Sue!


Jacqueline Gosz | Production: The Underpants | 62nd Season

Jacqueline is a treasured volunteer at WCT and spent many long hours and nights with Evan Crain to get the set of The Underpants built in a very short period of time.


Glenn Daily | Broadway Singers | 62nd Season

Glenn is a humble, quiet member of Civic Broadway Singers who is extremely reliable for both rehearsals and performances. He often assists Abby in getting items out of her truck and assists in set-up and take down at performances. His rapport with our audiences, especially in senior living settings, is exceptional.


Elizabeth Bagley | Production: Candy Cane Tales And Holiday Carols | 62nd Season

Elizabeth made a positive impact on the cast and crew, taking on extra responsibilities and getting everyone pumped up. She has been full of energy, helping wrangle kids, organizing cast t-shirts and a cast party, and giving encouraging pep talks. She loves acting and anyone who sees her can tell she has a passion for it. She is a hard worker and always full of smiles. Thanks, Elizabeth!


Ryan Vanselow | Production: Billy Elliot | 62nd Season

Ryan has been a true pleasure to work with. He is an extraordinary young man who has remained humble and kind throughout the process, making his cast mates feel welcome and valued. He is dedicated, tireless, professional, and truly embodies the spirit of community theatre. “We are all incredibly proud to have shared the stage with him. He’s cush.” Congratulations, Ryan!


Tod Doebler | Administrative | 62nd Season

Tod has taken the lead on the last several sets for ACAP PlayMakers productions. He ensures that the stage is safe and usable for all cast members, helping to tell the story with his scenery. He is an indispensable volunteer. Thanks for everything you do for ACAP and WCT, Tod!


Keith Smith | Production: The Musical Comedy Murders Of 1940 | 62nd Season

Keith has been an absolute joy to work with. He is always positive, jumping in wherever he's needed and advocating for his fellow castmates. He radiates joy and compassion and made this production a true delight. Thanks, Keith!


Sara Toenes | Administrative | 62nd Season

| Lifetime Achievement Award |

Sara has been an administrative volunteer, donor, patron, and was our volunteer usher coordinator from 2007 to 2016. She is always willing to take on tasks around the office and still comes in every other Tuesday. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for WCT, Sara!


Angie Penzkover | Administrative | 62nd Season

Angie has been a board director, patron, donor, volunteer bartender, and member of several committees. She has been the chair of our Education & Outreach Committee for the past few years. She served as Board President for two years. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. You’re amazing, Angie! Thank you for everything you have done for WCT!