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Audition Workshop

Have you never auditioned before? Or has it just been a long time? Our Audition Technique workshop is the perfect tool for a performer with little or no audition experience. By providing you with useful tips and experienced insights for both non-musicals and musicals, we'll help you feel confident and ready to go for your next audition. If you have been thinking about getting on stage, this is a great way to make that first step a little easier.

Our workshop will be broken down into two parts--the acting portion and the musical portion. At times, performing and auditioning can seem like two different skill sets. In the acting portion of our one day workshop, we will focus on the cold read audition technique. That is, reading from sections of the script rather than performing a memorized monologue. If you are in a play, you get weeks of rehearsals to develop and refine your character choices. In a cold read audition, you are asked to make choices in a matter of minutes--even seconds. So how do you do that? We will work with you to start to learn how to make strong, quick, and smart decisions for your character.

If you are auditioning for a musical, how do you know what song to pick? How much of the song do you need to sing? Should you sing something from the musical you are auditioning for? We will answer these questions--and more--as we work with you to feel confident and comfortable going into your audition.

The goal of this workshop is simple--to give you a guide to for auditioning with confidence and energy. This workshop is not a guarantee that you will get the part (no workshop is), but it will help you understand how give yourself the best chance possible.

There will also be time at the end of the workshop to answer any other questions you might have.

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Doug Jarecki
Acting Instructor

Doug has been the Education and Outreach Administrator of the Waukesha Civic Theatre for the past ten years. He has also maintained his professional performing career, appearing on local professional stages such as Skylight Music, Next Act, In Tandem, Milwaukee Chamber, Milwaukee Opera Theatre, and more. He has written dozens of scripts, including his first full length play 'Twas The Month Before Christmas, which will be returning to Vogel Hall at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in December 2019. He has also appeared in dozens of commercials and videos, and is co-founder of the children's theatre company Kidsplay.

Shannon Messplay
Musical Instructor

Shannon has been the director of the Academy at Civic Theatre’s summer musical for three years. In addition to directing at Waukesha Civic, she has also directed musicals at STEM Saratoga in Waukesha and Brookfield Elementary. She has worked on many outreach programs and taught a number of the classes at Waukesha Civic Theatre. Shannon continues to teach private voice lessons with a focus in Classical and Musical Theatre repertoire. In her next adventure, Shannon will be directing the Youth Edition of Les Misérables at Waukesha Civic Theatre in the Spring!


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