Waukesha State Bank Art Gallery

dwellephant’s Artwork on Display at Waukesha Civic Theatre

February 25 through April 14, 2014

dwellephant moved to Milwaukee in 2003 with ten of his friends. Eventually, nine of them moved to other states. One left Milwaukee for Menomonee Falls. dwellephant, however, stuck around and spent the last 11 years making art for tons of nice people just like you, as well as businesses like Milwaukee Film, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Alverno Presents, Stacy Adams, Brach's Candy Company and more. Gallery shows? He's done 'em. Live art? At more places than he can count. If you want to read a graphic novel about two animals trying to get on Noah's Ark, he illustrated one. (It's called "Missing the Boat," and you can get it at bookstores both on and off-line.) And if you like music, he's done album art for great bands like Pezzettino, Vic & Gab, and De La Buena. You can see more of his work at www.dwellephant.com

The Waukesha State Bank Art Gallery is located in the Margaret Brate Bryant Civic Theatre building, 264 W. Main Street, downtown Waukesha. The Waukesha Civic Theatre Box Office and Art Gallery are open from Noon - 5:00 pm Tuesday - Friday, and will be open two hours prior to weekend performances of Curtains, Peace, Love, And A 30-Year Mortgage, and The Pirates Of Pizzazz.

To inquire about performance times and prices for the Waukesha Civic Theatre’s productions of Curtains, Peace, Love, And A 30-Year Mortgage, and The Pirates Of Pizzazz, , please call the Box Office at (262) 547-0708.